April 1st, 2007


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I am starting my last month as a full-time student. In less than 5 weeks, I will have a doctorate degree conferred on me... all grown up. Weird. I don't think I quite feel up to adulthood (and I am almost 24!).

This week also meant 5th anniversary at Walgreen's for me. It feels like I just started, I can still remember learning the cash register, making my first compound, learning to type the scripts... Time flies.

My biggest worry now is renting an apartment in New Jersey. I have recently been alerted to existence of a good and darn useful website, www.apartmentratings.com - knocks some apartments that I would otherwise find rather attractive right off my list. I just don't want to be living in a ghetto-type area...

There is a place, right close to where I would be working (<2 miles), and decent price for being furnished and including heat/electricity/high-speed internet/local phone etc., but it is privately owned by a lay who lives in Oregon, it has two or three apartments (mostly rented out to short-term corporate rentals) and the lower store is a storefront she is trying to rent unsuccessfully and considers remodeling into an apartment. So my questions are: if it's not a managed complex, will the repairs necessary be made promptly/at no cost to me? what if she starts doing remodeling downstairs? will I be stuck with the noise? also, what about snow plowing/mowing the grass/etc.? So I doubt I should take that, and I am thinking of an apartment in a managed comlex...