April 22nd, 2007


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Potpourri of random facts:

1. I have written something in Italian for the first time in months today. It's is such a beautiful language, after all. And it is amazing how well it sticks in my head - though for some reason, when I cannot remember a word readily, my brain tries to substitute not my native Russian, nor the English which I speak perfectly, but German...

2. When I was little, I liked playing with my mom's nail polish - she would give me old, dried bottles - I must have collected some 20 of them, in different shades... It was nice to see admiration in my mom's eyes when she came to borrow some from me and saw my row of 12 different bottles. Today, I chose bright cardinal red enamel.

3. Talking to someone, I have realized it has been a long time since I had time to read for pleasure. So I made sure I would curl up with a good book every day, if only for half an hour. I am re-reading Bryan Sykes' The Seven Daughters of Eve. I have missed some details, when I swallowed it a few years ago, and it is a throughly enjoyable read.

4. I sorted my clothes today, putting some away to give to charity, packing winter stuff in plastic so it doesn't get dusty, etc. I actually do have a lot of clothes - why is the eternal "I have nothing to wear!" ring as true for me as it does to every other female on the planet?

5. Graduation is coming up, and it is so hard to concentrate on studying - whether preparing the projects for my last rotation (I finished the epic eyedrops table last week, topical pain relief is due Tuesday) or studying for NAPLEX. I have been a student non-stop for the last 18 years. I am so ready to be done! Less than two weeks remain.

6. I was trying on my new glasses, and when I took them off and looked in the mirror, I was amazed at how much I looked like my grandma. Not in itself unusual, but she was green-eyed blonde... She had the most clear and bright green eyes I have ever seen, just like emeralds.

As I do not want to write down the list of current headaches, I better head off to read some more about topical pain relief and then to sleep, so I am at least functional tomorrow. I am so glad my preceptor only has me working half-days!
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