June 7th, 2007


Evil Overlady welcomes you.

For the last couple weeks, I have been having issues with my LJ - I cannot either post or make comments for a day or two at a time, for no apparent reason - the pages just come up with an error after I hit "submit". Then it goes away and comes back at random intervals. I have no idea what's the reason, but I had the same problem a couple years back. So I am not abandoning or forgetting you all, I am just unable to post.

A silly meme to break up the studying. Not a bad result - I am very intelligent, and rather practical. I think I would rather aspire to be a great benevolent Overlady, just a ruthless one. :)

Your Score: Grahf

50% Evil, 90% Intelligence, 80% Common Sense

Grahf is an entity that primarily consists of the raw emotions of hate, anger, and bitterness. Born from the ashes of the Third Contact, Grahf lives on by posessing the bodies of others, and travels the world seeking people gullible enough to accept his raw power in return for doing his evil bidding. At one point in his long history, Grahf was responsible for the near extinction of almost all life on his world, but he was defeated before accomplishing this task. He later re-surfaced and tried to reclaim his former body, but realizing the situation of things, repented and was merged back in with the original emotions that he originally split from.

Grahf is identified as being moderately evil, due to his repentance in the end. He also possesses high intelligence and great amounts of common sense due to his ability to locate and coerce people of power into doing his bidding.


The absence of wrath is an impediment to utilizing your true strength.

Source of Overlord: Xenogears

Link: The Evil Overlord Test written by veqhturi on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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