June 20th, 2007


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The New Jersey Board of Pharmacy is a cruel, evil, stuck-up, impossibly bureaucratic organization. They won't tell me my own NAPLEX scores over the phone but only mail them two weeks after the exam. And they won't take the address change over the phone either. Loosers. Isn't it time to join 21st century and do things online? Many others states allow to check own scores, update address and so on online.

And the apartment manager is never returning my calls, so I have to call again and again to catch her in the office. This is annoying. I like everything to go smoothly with little involvement of yours truly, but everything in the last few years seems to turn me towards pushy and evil, not that this side of my personality needs any indulging. Grrrr. Sometimes I don't know what I would like more - a million dollars or a machine gun.

Tentative schedule: take MPJE on Friday morning, pack and set out Saturday afternoon, in order to arrive around midday Monday to New Jersey and settle in. Then my fellowship starts July 2nd.
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