July 23rd, 2007


(no subject)

Well, the three big components of my weekend: chores, chatting, and Harry Potter. It's amazing how long it takes to clean two average-sized rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. I was doing laundry in parallel, and by the end of the 5,5 hour cleaning marathon I was drenched with sweat. When I am rich enough, I want someone to clean for me! Though I was told that involves compromising, and I am not willing to settle for less than 120% clean and sparkling...

Anyway, that's the reason I still haven't finished Harry Potter - the book was delivered about 3pm Saturday, but then I spent most of Sunday doing chores and also was on the phone with an old friend for over 3 hours straight. :D Besides, it wasn't griping enough to keep me reading straight on, though I couldn't resist looking ahead - I always read that way, first 100 pages or so, then the ending, then random chapters here and there, and then continue reading throughout. :)

Off to make dinner. It will be fried flounder with mashed potatoes... driving home, I remembered my Dad telling me, that I will miss his fried fish... and I do.

Also, I am quite pround of having completed my first two small projects at work, thought it kept me there until 6:40. On the upside, I missed the traffic and saved some 20 minutes off my commute.