October 5th, 2007


(no subject)

A couple weeks worth of random thoughts and observations.

- I am being more tired now that I am working full-time (and well more than 40 hours a week - I would say I average 60 hours) than I have ever been at school. And I remember that even two years ago, in my last year of studies, I was thinking that once I am done with school and cramming for exams, life will be much easier.
- On a related note, I have a newfound appreciation for teachers. I never thought where lectures come from - and creating my own has been so much work! Just 55 minutes - but researching the material, creating the slides, timing everything, determining objectives, etc. is a lot of work.
- I wish it were legal to hit-and-run those who jog on the side of the road in the dark. Two simple rules anyone over 3 years of age should be capable of remembering: wear something that reflects light AND jog on the side opposite to traffic so you can see when someone is close and take to the outside. I almost ran over a moronic couple yesterday. And also having lived in a city with virtually 0 pedestrian traffic, I never realized how pesky those critters are. Crossing the road in all the inappropriate places. If you are Black, and wear dark clothes, there is NO WAY I will see you on an unlit street in the dark unless I am a couple feet away! Idiots. I would drive right through them if that didn't mean loosing my pharmacist license. Oh, I hate deer too. There is a herd of FIVE right by our corporate office.
- I do appreciate living on a main street of a small town, so when I need some stamps, or feel like getting a desert - it's no more than 10 minutes walk to whatever I might wish.
- Today I had some 30 minutes talk on history of contraception with my preceptor, who used to support women's health franchise. She promised to get me the book on the topic - I am not sure I want to know. Some things are just scary. On the other hand, IUD look very different than I imagined. I still think they gotta hurt. Nothing other than a testimony I hear personally from a hundred patients is going to convince me otherwise.
- Another bout of "I want to Europe" came over me this week. I am not unhappy here, it's just that I want more freedom of movement... and castles... and I feel like speaking a language other than English... Today, my thoughts chose to flow in Spanish. Watching an hour of Spanish-language TV a day is helping - I know a lot more common words now that I did before. It doesn't help the lack of medical words, though. I wonder what kind of population I will get when I work tomorrow. I kind of miss my old store - upper-class (it was in the most expensive area of Omaha), older people. I swear that 95% of problems are due to Medicaid patient. AND they are much more commonly unpleasant to deal with. Even when it all runs smoothly, it's boring because they don't have the brain enough to ask questions - and I do like using my clinical knowledge and counsel patients, thank you very much. Add to that the 50-page report I am now reading on the state of Big Pharma and the forecast to 2020 (by a company who has been rather correct so far, I've been told, though they seem to aggressive to me in their assumptions) convinces me that system is going down the drain. Just let everything go back to good ole cash payments. Average person is a) dumb b) lazy c) think the world owes them something d) all of the above. I have no desire whatsoever to subsidize them. I work hard and I have something to show for that. There is no reason they cannot.