October 20th, 2007


Random notes

1. Went over to the scientific side for the first time yesterday. I felt like I was being back in school - labs, white coats...

2. I am sure our scientists engage in illegal cloning, far more advanced than anything reported in the media. See for yourself - a month ago, the herd of deer at the exit from our campus was 4 deer, a week ago - 5 deer, yesterday - 6 deer.

3. They must engage into some genetic experiments far scarier than knockout mice. Yesterday something ran past me in the dusk and hid under fir tree - something semi-cirular in shape, without a tail, about the size of my hand. Shaped more like a toad, but it ran rather than hopped...

4. I liked Philadelphia and probably will be going there sometime soon. It has a nice historical center area (though I didn't have time to explore it beyond 30-minute run around), and the jeweler's row is worth a second look, and the Market is amazing. They even had my favorite cheese! And the fresh fish selection is the best I have seen in the US so far. I am impressed.

5. I had my personality type and my handwriting analyzed professionally. No surprises there - I am ISTJ, the CEO type. :D I have three reports totaling about 20 pages, which I haven't had time to read closely yet.