November 20th, 2007


A double-edged entry

As some of you may still remember my writing days, I count on you for help. I am looking for a beta for two fanfics (Silm, of course), one will be a one-shot, one - a multi-chapter. I am looking for someone ruthless and not susceptible to overdramatic monologues I am prone to writing. Of course, good grammar & punctuation are implied. I posted on the PPC board as well, but there seem to be all new names out there. Mum, you wouldn't happen to have a bit of free time, would you? *makes puppy eyes*

Ну а для русскоязычных френдов, размышлизм. Если буржуи ужинают рябчиком с ананасами, а я - курицей с ананасами, то сколько во мне процентов буржуйства? :D
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