November 30th, 2007


A lazy post from Vegas

Amazing, innit? It rains 8-10 times a year in Las Vegas - and guess what, it rained in honor of my arrival. :-) I always knew I am SPESHUL, but is it necessary to dump it on my head in the most inopportune moments? It was also horribly hot and stuffy in the airplane... and I had McDonald's for the third time in my life (as all the previous times, it happened in the airport, for lack of choice - and believe me, it's still way better than airplane food).

Now off to check out the buffet. I am hungry, as it is 10 pm New Jersey time, but merely 7 pm here. My hotel room is huge, but not as luxurious as I would expect from the price tag. I have stayed at nicer places before (on company's tabs, of course - I am a fan of Hampton, Best Western and Holiday Inn when travelling in US on my own). I definitely have better bedding on my own bed, and a bigger bathtub in my apartment. I wonder how much their shoe polish service would cost, as I have misplaced my rapid shoe-shine sponge somewhere... Judging by the minibar prices, outrageous. Though their same-day laundry service is not that much more than my usual dry cleaner charges for three day service (I use organic dry-cleaner).

Considering that I slept 2 hours tonight and then episodically in the airport and airplane, I am not up to any entertainment today. A hot bath and TV. Tomorrow I will see how I feel. My cold is almost over, thankfully, though I went through another bout of nausea this morning - I am starting to get convinced that my body cannot tolerate food that is not ideally fresh. Basically, it's more than 2 days old - I start getting sick. I didn't use to be quite that way, though I have alwasy been a picky eater...