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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

(no subject)
1. Interesting article on Medscape today - that moderate exercise such as walking is actually better for metabolic syndrome than more intense exercise if done for the same length of time. Makes sense - high-intensity uses up glucose, low-intensity mops up triglycerides from bloodstream.

2. Managed to give myself food poisoning - and I am old enough to know better! I had this milk open for good three weeks now, and I thought I should just pour it down the toilet. Instead I tasted it, and it tasted OK, so I drank it last night. Got up today feeling noxious. Within an hour, I threw up my attempt at breakfast. At least, with me and food poisonings, as soon as I throw up I feel a lot better, queasiness is gone, and after an hour or so I can eat simple foods (croissants, yum) and be fully active.

3. A gift from my best friend from pharmacy school arrived today. It is really nice hand-painted teacup & saucer. That's the second one I am getting from her this year - looks like I won't have to buy my fine china, it will come piece by piece. :-) I gave her a lot of crystal for different holidays, so she is giving me china.

4. I love my company and my admin. Even though I was a day late submitting for reimbursement, it was processed immediately. I took the papers to the admin on Wednesday, and I had the check on Friday. Amazing, isn't it? Especially compared to waiting over three months for reimbursement from one well-known American university.

5. I was surprized by my ability to understan Swedish. :) Well, very specific information in Swedish, namely, analyst report. I got the gist of it, as confirmed by me later finding an English version of the same report. Funny, isn't it, how languages all blur together after a while? Or was it my twin subconsciously channeling her Swedish skills into me? :-)