January 6th, 2008


Pharmacy day

I can't help but wonder WHY people always come in droves? Never in a steady stream, but always in a crowd, so it's either nobody, or a line 8 people long. I was reading Pharmacy Times for an hour and a half this morning, as I had literally four or five people in the entire time between 8 am and 9:30. But then we got slammed, and from 9:30 (and I was without a tech until 10 am)until 2:30 I had no time to catch a breath. I did manage to eat a granola bar, but it took me a good hour to do so around noon. Then we had a half and hour break, and just when my replacement came, we got hit again, and I didn't leave until 45 minutes after my usual leaving time. I swear people have tailgating parties outside, get a nice crowd and THEN show up all together. I mean, here it would be feasible - everyone is always loitering everywhere, creating a rather seedy look for the area (I heard downtown New Brunswick was plain awful 20-30 years ago, people were mugged night or day, but now it is actually pretty safe unless you go into the areas which rather obviously look unfit for a well-raised white girl. Or any kind of white person, for that matter. I had driven through such a pocket inadvertently in the spring when I wasn't familiar with the area, and if only half the people flipped me and swore - that's because the other half was too shocked to see a white girl driving alone through that part of town. However, the "tailgating" theory formed when I worked in the most expensive neighbourhood in Omaha, where you would never see a person outside unless for a garden tea party or something of sorts...

In other news, I am feeling very lazy. I know I should be all excited and motivated, and the interviewing starts tomorrow - but I am just not in the mood to log into work email. I was very lucky to make it to work today, too - I must have forgotten to turn the alarm on, so it was a miracle I woke up at 7:45. Thankfully, I live literally 5 minutes away from the pharmacy, so I was only 5 minutes late. I took my breakfast with me.

Next weekend will be one day cleaning+laundry+TV watching, and the other should be something more exciting. I haven't seen anything terribly interesting playing in the cinemas, and I don't know if I can talk somebody into going to a hockey game with me, and I don't think I am in the mood for high culture like theater. Maybe shopping? I haven't been to the Jersey Gardens yet, why not check it out? I will see what I feel like next weekend. And what weather will be like. It's going to be really nice at 55+ degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday, but then it goes downhill from there. Why does it have to be so unfair?

Oh, and please welcome the latest addition to my shoe closet. Pink patent leather shoes. :)))  I am usually not a fan of patent leather, I prefer soft and supple kind, but these were pink and captured my heart.