February 2nd, 2008


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Well, it looks like some lemons in my life are turning into lemonade after having rotted for a while.

1) It looks like my years of service at Walgreen's have been restored, and accordingly my 15 days of vacation (and at my pay per hour, it's still a lot of money, even if equals out to only 24 hours or so of pay)

2) After the dumb kid at the bank refused to notarize my request to renew my Russian passport (since of course the request was in Russian) I was going to be mean and report his sorry ass to the State, but it was raining hard and I decided that driving by to get his name was not worth it. A coworker of mine is a notary, and she notarized it for me. Hopefully I get apostille next week and send in the paperwork, so my passport should be renewed in March and last another five years.

3) I saved two people who tried to harm themselves through improper use of their meds, and turned one flaring up angry/upset customer into nice, thankful customer through my exquisite skills, so I can feel very proud of myself. Did my evaluation at work, too. Gave myself mostly 4/5, "above expectations."

On the other hand, my taxes turn even more complex and scary all the time.

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I am not going to worry about switching my car title, plates and insurance to New Jersey yet. If I don't have to, I am not going to. Until July 1 I definitely can put it off, and then we will see.

I have a lot of work to do tomorrow... I am at Walgreen's until 3:30 and then my monthly report is not going to write and publish itself... Not the best weekend of my life, for sure.