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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

Loosing a computer is like a death in the family...
It looks like the recovery disks aren't exactly working. I don't know if they have become damaged, or if my computer is just dying beyond all hope. I just wish I had backed it up that weekend before it crashed, that I weren't so lazy and put it off. Five years of my life are lost if the data cannot be recovered. Several thousand photos. All the projects, papers and presentations I have ever done for school. A lot of unfinished stories I wanted to write back in my creative days 2001-2004. A lot of pictures I stumbled onto and liked and saved. A lot of favorite books I saved in electronic format. A lot of videos I found here and there and which are probably not even available anymore, with all the links being dead. A few gigabytes of music that I downloaded back when I paid for unlimited monthly usage back in 2003 and never had time to write onto CDs. All the documents from years of participating in student organizations. A lot of contact information for people I haven't seen or spoken to in years but still wouldn't want to loose completely.

The things I would regret the most: photos, contacts and schoolwork. Everything else is not as important, I will gather it again as I gathered before, and many of those things I haven't touched in years. It's the things I cannot replace which matter. Thankfully most of the family photos are also saved on my parents' computer. About half (the selected better half) of my Europe 2006 trip photos are saved at the Wal-mart photo website (and I just ordered a CD). But Arizona photos, Indiana photos, Broken Bow photos, Washington DC photos - these are all lost. At least the Taiwan photos are still on my camera (I think, I have not deleted them when I copied them to the hard drive). And I tend to save old e-mails, so some of the documents and contacts are still available through there.

I will go to Best Buy and see what they can do. If data recovery and/or them reinstalling Windows will only cost me $100 - $300, I would do it. However, if it is really corrupted and they will want $500+ - then I will just give up. I don't really want another computer, though. We have been through so much together, my gray friend and I...