March 20th, 2008


Все когда-нибудь бывает в первый раз... /Everything has a first time...

Зря я прошлым постом судьбу раздразнила. Отменили мой рейс сегодня, и раньше чем завтра поздно-поздно вечером я бы не улетела. Я решила радикально отменить полет, переназначить все встречи (а то ну в самом деле, смысл - тем более что четверг пропал бы напрочь, да еще и прилетев в час ночи, мне надо было бы в пятницу уже в полшестого вставать чтобы к 7:30 встретиться с человеком в другом городе в часе езды...). Лучше сохранить билет и использовать на другую полноценную поездку.

Еще и мерзавцы римские проиграли, никакого вообще удовлетворения от сегодняшнего дня.

Of course, my flight got cancelled, and here go my plans for the fun end of workweek in the field and spending the weekend with my parents. They say it's weather related, but I know it just my bad luck... and I knew better than to take the latest flight out, but they only have morning, early afternoon and late-night options, and I didn't want to miss the day of work today, so I booked the late one. They are usually delayed, but this is the first outright cancellation I have had to deal with. I decided to reschedule everything and cancel the itinerary, and just rebook for later. Rather than end up with a lost day of meeting and another painful day...

The other downsides:
- I ended up taking the train instead of driving so I had to get the taxi for the way back and spent way more than I would have had I listened to my inner voice which recommended driving
- Since it was originally delayed by an hour (then extended to two and only then cancelled), I decided to go have a nice dinner, and it was OK dinner, but it cost me another $65 (with tip, wine and dessert) which I wouldn't have spent had I known it's going to be cancelled
- my luggage of course couldn't be retrieved (and they call themselves a major international airport? with luggage operations shuttind down before midnight?) so I got them to promise the delivery tomorrow. As if I would drive 30 miles to Newark to pick it up! Do I look like that much of a looser? My make-up and my deodorant are there, but that's about it. I can live without that for a day, and I have other boots instead of those in the suitcase, and the fancy suit and two nice blouses too...
- I just stood in one of the longest lines I can remember, it took almost 2,5 full hours to get to the customer service counter.

Still, could have been much worse. Had I not gone direct but with a change, I could have been stuck in Cleveland, and wasting the ticket, and time, and lacking computer access... that would suck.