March 27th, 2008



Did all my taxes today. Actually used the HNR Block software to e-file my federal return (since I were a starving student/fellow last year), and it's so much slower than doing it on paper! And for the same tooth-pulling nightmare for state taxes they wanted to charge me $30 a piece! I just did them on paper. I will have to double-check one thing with Nebraska department of revenue, and make photocopies of the return - and they will be in the mail. And who knows how much it would have cost me had I gone somewhere! The taxes took me a total of maybe 8 hours to do between yesterday and today (and at least two or three hours were spent on rewrites due to a stupid mistake - I officially cannot add, even with a calculator) or on fighting with the HNR's idiotic software, and another hour on trying to find all the paperwork I have been sent).

Business planning meeting was fun. Such a pity I cannot attend the most fun part tomorrow because I have to be at Rutgers... Why can I not be omnipresent? That's the only superpower I had ever wanted - to be able to magically transport myself into any point on the globe instantaneously, or even better, be able to be in more than one place at once (though unlike the former, this is physically impossible).

Lunch and Learn is on Friday. Yay me? I am a bit more nervous about this than the original presentation, because the audience is a level higher, and some may actually know more than I do... and most likely my VP will be attending. Oh well... My suit should be dry-cleaned by tomorrow noon, and I will polish my shoes - nothing adds confidence like a pair of well-shined, very high-heeled shoes.