April 20th, 2008


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I am back in New Jersey, and everything is green and blooming. One thing that bothers me is that my car was parked close to construction going on in the airport, and is covered with disgusting black dust, but there isn't a single car wash in the entire state that is open on Sunday. Morons. Barely made my connection (the computer system was down at the Continental counter in Omaha - and I frigging had to suggest the airport personnel what to do - such as, handwrite baggage tags for people who already printed their boarding passes online... come on, people, I know not everyone is as equipped to deal with extraordinary situations as yours truly, but still!). Another short connection like this, and I can honorably compete in power walking in Beijing Olympics. But I made it, and my suitcase made it, and it is what counts.

Now, I need to finish the lectures for the last week of April, and then try to go through some of the 200 e-mail I have in my work inbox, as I am a)in meetings the entire day tomorrow and b)I need to unpack since I moved offices. Life is going to be so insane until June 7, I am not even going to pretend to try to keep up.

Sounds similar enough...

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