April 30th, 2008


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UPS has once again proven itself to be a sorry excuse for a courier service, failing to deliver my package, falsifying the record, lying to me repeatedly, and finally breaking the package and sending it back to the original shipper without me ever catching a glimpse of it. It was a new mount & charger for my GPS since mine stopped working and I am leaving on a five-hour drive to Maryland Saturday. Cute, ain't it? I had to have Garmin overnight me another one, so I hopefully will receive it at work tomorrow. I still had to let my inner crocodile run amok in order to get the truth out of UPS, and now I am actively discouraging everyone from using them, including lodging a couple formal complaints.

My other major headache at the moment (well, besides the general mess my brain, office and e-mail are in) is the damn Global group. I must have been extremely naive in my impression that senior (or upper-mid-level management) should know value of prioritizing, or at least be capable of this simple task when requested directly. Apparently not. I can understand the scientific curiosity, but I am not going to sacrifice all my key customers' NEED to know for some random people at another group NICE to know. Morons. If they want to pay for extra coverage by vendor themselves - fine, but they have to manage that themselves, too. I am not a project manager for hire, I have too much on my plate as is, and in May I have NO time to work on my direct responsibilities, even, with being gone so much. I am going to use my secret weapon and go to the most senior person for this therapeutic area (who I have a great working relationship with, having supported her team for almost a year now) and get her input and check whether I can make executive decisions myself if I cannot get answers out of Global. And then for any pushes by our "resource hog" from there I can just smile sweetly and say that it's not the direction I received from the Big Boss.

At least I am done with my fellowship requirements over than some exit paperwork. And I should start getting real paycheck in three or four weeks. And I am cutting down my Walgreen's hours. And I get to go and visit some cool places and not have to pay for it in May, other than in having to stay in/up late finishing up work. Oh well.
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