May 9th, 2008


Twisted ankle

How unfair is that... I managed to sprain my ankle rather painfully this afternoon. There is a reason I hate wedges, but these shoes are not really wedges, they are platforms with just a hint of heel... I was able to walk almost normally at first, but then after sitting for nearly three hours at a formal dinner I could barely walk. So here I am, with a swollen ankle, with my foot up on the table and icepack on. I swear it's karma - I let the Skelaxin rep give me that icepack, even though I thought I don't really need it - and here it is, a few hours later I needed it. I just hope it heals by next weekend. I want to explore San Diego, not be confined to my room for most of the conference. I usually heal very quickly, let's hope it's the case. Or maybe I should have worn my cross... I put it on but then changed to a different necklace walking out of the door. Karma...