May 30th, 2008


My contribution to American Economy

I read today that not only Bush's rebate costs more than it's worth, but also inflation is eating a lot of it, and few people are going to do what the President intended - which is to go and spend it on silly things. So I, being (as of last week) of the more affluent persuasion, stopped by a mall, and got two office dresses and a silk blouse. Both dresses are 60-s stile A-cut, one red and one black with white stripes along throat and hem. I think I will wear the latter to the certificate dinner where I get my fellowship certificate. I need to think of what to accessorize it with. I am no specialist on 60s so I will have to think about it, though I have an idea about long beads tied in a knot on the mid-chest... but I am afraid I may be a bit too busty for that to look good.

And some of the last week's questions stolen from Nerdanel_the_Nerd seemed interesting:

1. What were some of the smells and tastes of your childhood?
Smells: Grass on a hot July afternoon. Smell of wet soil after it rains. Smell of woodfire smoke.
Tastes: Wild raspberries right off the bush. Goat milk milked just a couple minutes before. Amazingly tasty rye bread as baked in my Grandma's village. Very young carrots pulled at-risk. Young green peas. Big red gooseberries. Apple-and-pear juice with pulp.

2. What did you have as a child that you do not think children today have?
Freedom. Though I had more than anyone else I know even then... I was able to roam free as young as four and five, only coming home to eat and sleep. That was priceless. Also, I was able to experience the "simple life" - standing on top of the haystack being built, learning how to build firewood stacks so they don't fall apart, milking a goat, helping deliver goat kids, going wild-mushroom hunting - experiences like these are going to be less and less common for kids, unfortunately.

Решила внести свой вклад в американскую экономику. Учитывая прошлые выходные, очень даже достойный. Купила два платья (хоть в офис, хоть на коктейли), оба в стиле 60х годов, одно красное, одно черно-белое. Думаю, черно-белое и надену на получение сертификата... еще надо придумать с чем - может, бусы какие надеть? Но я не уверена, полистаю журналы и подумаю. И ярко-алую шелковую блузку без рукавов и с бантиком на шее. Обожаю шелк... как прикоснусь - из рук выпускаю с трудом. 

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