June 1st, 2008


Boston, Day 1

I don't know what's wrong with the chairs on that train, but in four hours it took me to get from New York to Boston, my butt hurt and I was tired like hell. And I paid double for business class, too! However, the city of Boston itself was well worth my trouble. I did a boat tour (one hour) - lovely (the weather is gorgeous too - warm, but not at all humid). I am also pleasantly surprised by the lack of motion sickness as evidenced by San Diego and now here (though when we were going slowly, I had to keep my eyes fixed down, looking to the shore WOULD make me sick). Then I went to the Little Italy (that was the neighbourhood I wanted to see the most, besides, it is right next to most historical buildings. It really does have the nice, authentic feel to it... I had great dinner (gnocchi!) and wine (trebbiano - never had it before, but really liked it - all Italian wines drink like water, they are tricksy that way) and gelato. And great athmosphere. If I lived in Boston, I would definitely live in Little Italy. I also caught a procession of some kind - statue of the Virgin Mary carried around the streets and then into St. Leonard Church with drums and trumpets playing - I wonder if that's part of the Italian National Holiday, or some local church thing. Still it was fun. And hearing Italian speech around was also heartwarming. Then I was looking for the Paul Revere house and while trying to figure out the map, I was approached by another tourist trying to figure out the map - a gal from England, also travelling by herself - she is in US for five weeks, so I gave her some tips on what to see, and we explored the downtown together for an hour or so until we went our separate ways.

Overall, I like Boston, probably enough to add it to Washington DC and Chicago as my favorite city. The only thing breaking my near-perfect happiness is the gnawing thought that I haven't done work I wanted to finish on Friday night... I was too distracted by shopping on Friday and Saturday, and by the city today. Did I say there is a mall right across the street from the hotel? I saw a couple shoe stores that seemed to scream my name as I went through on my way to the boat...