June 14th, 2008


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My mom called today and said that a neighbour of ours committed suicide last night. Such a pity, my mom really liked him and his wife. He was just 41... three little kids now left fatherless - 12 year old girl, 8 year old, and a baby of about a year and a half. My mom went to offer her comfort, and said the older boy was in complete shock. He was always with his dad, washing car, playing frisbee, shoveling snow... doesn't matter what, he was always with Daddy, and now he will never see him again. Poor kid. Poor Wendy. They were such a nice family... what could have pushed him over the edge? He broke his leg in a nasty motorcycle accident a year and a half ago and wasn't quite himself since - but it's just a broken leg. I have had patients at the pharmacy who were literally scraped off the road after a bike accident and yet riding again after a few months. I always viewed suicide as an ultimate weakness, but Rodger was such a great guy, I cannot comprehend it... Mom said she will bake some meat pies tomorrow to take to the neighbours. It's so sad...

On the more positive note, I always thought that fish is the last food someone will be eating for breakfast... I am apparently wrong, as there is a hotel in Turku that advertises itself, among other things, by offering a large selection of fresh fish prepared in a variety of ways for breakfast. I am almost tempted to stay there. :D

My final travel schedule:
June 29 - July 2 Amsterdam (side trips TBD)
July 3 - Nijmegen
July 4 - 5 Hamburg (side trip: Lubeck)
July 6 - 8 Copenhagen (side trips TBD, will include Roskilde)
July 9 - 12 Stockholm (side trips TBD, will iclude Uppsala)
July 13 - boat from Stockholm to Turku
July 14 - Turku
July 15 - 16 Helsinki
July 17 - fly back to Newark