July 7th, 2008



My heroic sturm of Hamburg and Luebeck was not without consequences... My lower legs ache so badly I was hobbling along barely faster than little old ladies and biting my lips with every step. Perhaps I should not have tried to set the world record in climbing 600 steps up and then down... the psychos (sorry, participants) of the Hamburg Triathlon had that effect on me. I only managed to see Roskilde, their church where Kings and Queens are buried, the Viking ship museum, and walk all over the eastern half of Copenhagen city center... I had to call it a day at 7pm as my body couldn't take it anymore... my left shoulder hurts too... I could use a good massage, but that will likely have to wait until I get back to New Jersey.

I should have taken more time for Denmark... though had I not lost half the day yesterday and were able to move at my normal rate today, it would be better. Oh well, it just means that I will have to come back for more!

Plans for tomorrow and before I leave Wednesday: Rosenborg palace and walk around west Copenhagen, Hillerod with Fredericksborg palace, and Helsingor with Kronborg castle. Will try to do it all, but am willing to settle for less...

PS During today's wanderings I stumbled upon the gooseberries at a produce shop, and that reaffirmed my belief that happiness is indeed possible. I promptly devoured the box.

PPS So far, Tuborg is the best beer I have had on this trip.