August 17th, 2008


Meme stolen from Bodldops

1) Bold any food that you have tried
2) Strikethrough any food that you wouldn't eat on a bet.
3) Italicize any food you'll never eat again. - if I can help it :)
4) Put an asterisk next to any food you'd be interested in trying but have not yet.

As there are too many things about which I don't know what they are, #2 and #4 may not reflect my true gastronomical preferences.

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Spent the day in Manhattan today with friends. Managed to get a bit too much sun, so I am rather pink. Will have to lather on some lotion a couple times a day to avoid excess dryness that could lead to sunburn. Curiously enough, I wore the same thing I did in the Delft/Hague when I nearly burned last time! We went on the three-hour cruise around Manhattan, and I highly recommend that.

А еще ко мне приезжала tigressita и мы очень мило пообщались. А так же приготовили для треда сюрпрЫз. Если все нормально, в понедельник выложу. А еще я ее похоже подсадила на красное вино Lambrusco. В общем, выходные прошли удачно, и на работу завтра не охота. Тем более что солнце касалось меня неравномерно, и я получилась интересной расветки в красно-белую полосочку и пятнышко.
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