October 10th, 2008


(no subject)

I had so many ideas while I was at work today, and now I got home - and I cannot remember any of them. Pathetic... I think one of them had something to do with embedding a poll into the post, but poll about WHAT? That's the question.

I do remember, however, that I felt grateful for my workplace's subsidized cafeterium. I mean, there aren't that many places where one can have a lunch consisting of a cup of New England clam chowder, chicken parmesan, corn and jello for desert for just 8 bucks. Plus our coffee, tea, and bottled water are free.

In other news, the economy is starting to worry even me, and considering that I survived Russia all through the 1990s, I have far less to be afraid of than Americans. I have lived through much harder circumstances than anything I am likely to face now, though of course I was a kid back then and my parents had to deal with the problems - but I could see all the struggles, I was a big girl of 9 in 1992...

In any case, I have a range of skills from being a pharmacist to speaking five languages to milking goats to rely on to carry me through this life, wherever it takes me. Besides, I have just the right personality to survive anything life throws at me. Persistent, and not hesitating to use whatever means necessary.