October 18th, 2008


Single-handedly Saving American Economy

It's very sad that Linens'n'Things are closing due to banckruptcy... my mom loved that store... Well, to say my farewells and also stock up on some household items I needed but put off buying, I went in. Let's just say I didn't plan to leave $250 in there... However, I did buy a new duvet (my current one is worn out, this way I will have a new one and the spare one for the visiting guests, and I will take the old one to my parents where my mom thought of some use for that), a new set of satin sheets for my bed, a pillow for guest use, kitchen scale (so I am no longer guessing how much is 400g of rice or carrots), new place mats, new tablecloth (my mom, BTW, sent me one recently - but it's about double the size of my table, so I am sending that right back to her), new shower curtain and bath rug (I can't wait to throw away old, dingy ones!), a picture to hang in the kitchen (a still life with a bottle of Riesling and a glass, what did you expect?), a shower organizer, and some new towels, so I actually have some in different colors now.

That was yesterday, and today, after procrastinating long enough to eat two meals, go to the post office, go online, and go to dry cleaners, I went to the mall to check out what's for sale. I DID intend to plan and only visit the stores not available at the mall by which I will be in market research all day Monday, but I gave up early on. Therefore, I still didn't hit all the stores I planned on, even though I was shopping from 4:30 till 8pm when I felt too tired and loosing interest, and went home. I was also a moron enough to buy the heavy picture frames at the very first store I visited (I swear I could stay and live in Fortunoff's), so my hands are only now starting to regain feeling. With $180 spent, I bought:
- two pairs of jeans (Levi's, they are the only ones that fit me more or less OK - them and DKNY), as Macy's was having a One-Day 30% Off Sale today (I didn't even know about it, it was a random stop as I never even bought anything at Macy's before) - $65
- reddish-brownish-cream silk scarf to wear with my trench coat - $20
- bag in shades of brown, to go with the same trench coat, from Sears of all places, but it does look more decent than its $35 price tag suggests
- a purple bag from a weird little shop that seems to target mostly high school age girls. But I didn't want to spend money on a trend that is unlikely to come back in my lifetime, and this one looked decent while costing me only $14 (that's with tax, too).
- four picture frames for $45

Comparing this with the list from Sep. 28th, this is what I am still looking for:
- a bag to go with my winter coat, and I want a good quality timeless classic, and I am willin to splurge for it
- heeled Oxford shoes
- booties
- narrow high-wasted pencil skirt
- a low-cut vest
- a ruffled blouse, even though I don't care much for the style, I feel I should pay homage to the current fashion once...
- knit or wool office dress for the winter (sweater dress is a possibility but I have yet to see one that I would be willing to try on, let alone wear)

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