October 27th, 2008


Life is good, yes?

Well, I got a pretty good review from my boss today, hopefully HIS boss agrees... it determines my bonus, my rate increase, and, frankly (in today's environment it's important) how likely am I to keep my job come the next round of "reorganization".

Also, I believe the gloves and silk scarf I purchased earlier this season were an excellent investment of $60. I really like the way I look when I wear them with my trench coat,and when *I* like the way I look, everyone else tends to love it too. :) It's good to have money to spend on my looks, too (circling back to point 1 :D )

On a related note, my hair has grown long enough to completely cover my shoulderblades. I am pretty sure I want to have it chopped up this weekend, but I am not sure whether to go with my usual "just below the shoulders" look or should I try for something shorter? It's been years since I had hair shorter than shoulder-length... the only downside to that is that I can't tie it back when I am just doing stuff, which makes my life a bit harder (I hate having hair in my face). After all, I don't spend vast majority of my time just sitting there looking pretty.

Last but not the least, I am going to review and edit my mom's delicious dried plum cake recipe for submission to our Employee Cookbook (I guess it's going to be printed and proceeds will go benefit local children's charity). Assuming I don't fall asleep right after dinner, as I collapsed on the couch as soon as I got home from work and slept for an hour and a half until the call from my mom woke me up. If you are interested in the recipe, comment with your e-mail and I shall share it. :)