November 4th, 2008


I voted!

I was lucky - there was no line at all for my district (7) while there were some 8 people in line for district 13 voting at the same polling place... Judging by the number of slips, a ton of people already voted, and it was about 9:45 when I was there...

I voted for Obama for President, and all the legislators, since I am not yet familiar with New Jersey politicians, I went Democrat-Republican-Democrat-Republican, just like that. I am a supporter of non-partisan Nebraska politics, personally... That's because on issues I am in-between:

Economic policy: small government, cuts to welfare, etc. - very Republican
Abortion: very, very strongly pro-choice - therefore, Democrat (to me, it's medieval to even discuss that as an issue)
War in Iraq: very much against - again, Democrat
Guns: very much pro-gun rights, therefore Republican
Creationism: violently against, therefore, not fundamentalist Republican (it's stupid to even have that as an issue in 21st century)
Stem cell research: strongly for, therefore Democrat
Gay marriage: I am rather against, but I could live either way
Healthcare reform: both suck, enough said

I cannot remember if I am leaving something out... Anyway, now I shall turn on CNN and try to pretent to work while listening to the election news.

PS Walking back, I finally bought a plant! An adorable little cactus, already in full bloom. It is precious. :) I wanted one for a while, but there was not a plant shop nearby, until this one opened in the summer. I finally made time and effort to stop by.
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