November 5th, 2008



Well, Obama is now President-Elect. I shall prepare to complain about Democrats now instead of Republicans. I voted for him as "the lesser evil", and I don't share the rose-colored glasses of his ardent supporters...

In other election news, Nebraska voted comfortably and predictably Republican (unless Lee Terry gets unseated, which I find unrealistic). I do wholeheartedly support Johanns as the Senator, he is a great guy and was a good Governor (though his successor, his former Leutenant Governor Heineman, is a lot more popular). So again we have one Democratic and one Republican Senator. And all three Republican Representatives. Strange that liberal Lincoln area, which voted for Obama, also voted for Republican Representative 70%... Though it could be explained by the fact that his Democratic opponent was a Russian-born 26-year old guy, someone Max Yashirin. I would vote for Fortenberry too, in such a situation.

Nebraska also voted overwhelmingly to repeal Affirmative Action, and I am very proud of them for that.

New Jersey, on the other hand, voted just as comforbably and predictably Democrat for President and Senator, and there is a healthy mix of both parties in the House of Representatives (though all incumbents were given a vote of confidence, that's encouraging). It's funny how the county where I live voted 60% for Obama, the county where I work voted 52% for Obama, and the county where most of my co-workers live voted 56% McCain... Not unexpected, though.

An idea

I think I am going to write to Senator McCain and ask him one question: what possessed him to select Sarah Palin to be his running mate. It was a political suicide, and the election shows just that. The press says he did it to appease the more conservative Republicans. However, how would that help him win the general election? They would rather jump off the bridge than vote Democrat regardless of who he chose as his running mate. However, choosing the woman with no experience, no apparent brain function, and very radical views was an immediate turn-off for voters like me, non-partisan, moderate, and leaning Republican. I can tell you, that had he chosen a VP like, say, Chuck Hagel or Colin Powell, I would have voted Republican. But selecting a woman who would be ridiculed even more than President Bush ever was - what was he thinking? Was that a senile moment? I mean, one of the most important jobs of the President is to select the right people for the job. In his choosing Palin for VP, he showed himself severely lacking good judgement in that aspect.

I think I will try to formulate that in a nice, polite way and e-mail him. Maybe I will get a responce... Because I cannot belief no one in the whole campaign told him about the moderates leaving his camp in droves should he choose her.

I swear this is the last piece of election spammage I am going to inflict on your Friends Page.