November 24th, 2008


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I haven't posted in a while... well, I've been a busy little beaver, running to DC, and to Boston, and now finally back in Jersey. I must admit I really like Boston, and I think it is a lucky city for me... I met several really neat people out there (and competitive intelligence professionals are a lot of fun, I am looking forward to next year's convention in Chicago! besides, I love Chicago - though it may be less than lovely in April)... Also, on Friday I won a prize - $400 worth of cosmetics from some company I cannot remember - but I have been faithfully filling out forms for all the sweepstakes from the magazine I subscribe to for months, and finally I have won something! Let's see what I need to do to claim the prize.

On the bad side, I managed to loose my laptop charger somewhere along the way (I remember using it in the hotel lobby right before going to the train station, but it was not in my bag when I got home - unless I managed to unpack without realizing it and it is buried somewhere on my coffee table which has about 0.5% chance of being true). Annoyingly enough, I was sent around a couple times by the help desk, until I complained that I am being told to go in circles, and then 10 minute later a guy walked the new charger to my office. Sweet. I needed it for a long meeting this afternoon, too.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are going to be miserable, but Thursday through Sunday I am OFF. Can you imagine - four whole days in a row! *dances with joy*