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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

A lot of updates
Random note #1. I think I finally got the idea for my "chinese variation" dish. The main things I learned: if I cook the chicken with the lid closed, then it's nice and moist and juicy, then I just open it for a few minutes before adding everything else, to brown it up a bit. Basically, that's the quintessential "I catch it, I toss it in the pan" dish inspired by my undergrad cafeteria (speaking of which, I have been hunting for a sauce they had for the last eight years, and I still haven't found one that would be as good).

Recipe and the photo of the final dish under the cutCollapse )

My father always liked to joke that a regular person can come up with three names for a dish, a cook with ten, and a chef with a hundred. I only came up with four, and they are all in Russian and hard to translate. :D
- Китайская вариация (рабочее название)
- Осенняя поэма голодающего студента (перевести на китайский для псевдо-классического звучания)
- Кто не спрятался - я не виновата (в смысле, продукты какие под руку попали, те и в сковородку полетели)
- Буржуй в эмиграции (курица вместо рябчиков, морковка вместо ананасов - тяжело живется...)

In other news, I will be going to Hawaii January 24-31. Basically, I am loosing the whole day of the 24th and the whole day of the 31st just flying. Dammit. But it's OK. Conference really starts on the 28th for me, so I have three days to relax and soak in the sun. One regret is that I won't be able to fulfill my long-time dream of climbing a volcano, since that's something I would prefer to do in a company. Yes, I know all about the tours, but I think it's better to have someone looking after you personally on dangerous routes. :o

And on the final note, I was again happy and squee-y in the law update presentation today, so people started suggesting I go to law school. I have considered it for a while... but today I did some looking around, and a university in Newark offers a program which is not JD, not intended to practice law (something I don't care about) but instead is a Master's program in healthcare law. And it's also available part-time. Squee? I signed up for their open house on February 7th to see what it's all about. I might actually consider doing that... two years of my life will be killed off studying again, but may it be worth it eventually?

Actually, on the final-final note, I am looking for a nice art print to buy for my office.  I have a strong affinity for mountains and lakes/mountains and rivers type of landscapes.  In fact, all three pieces of art I own in my home/my parents' home are all that.  Should I branch out?  Or should I hang up a nice mountains  and waterfall picture?