February 22nd, 2009


To Do lists & thinking of friendses

I have grand total of 56 mutual friends
Of those friends, only one I have not interacted with outside LJ
One I have known since long before I have even heard the word "internet"
I have met in person 8 of my LJ friends
Of those I haven't met in person (yet?), there are 18 others with whom I have exchanged snail mail

So with almost half of my LJ friends I have interacted outside the online world. That's encouraging. :)

Lots and lots to do today,
- write my slides for tomorrow's business plan review (eek!)
- write surveillance report, at least part of it
- update my resume (no, I am not looking for another job yet, that's for going back to school)
- write my personal statement
- clean up my kitchen (stove badly needs cleaning!)
- do some ironing should time permit

For the next weekend:
- I am sure there will be some work that follows me home, but that remains to be seen
- finalize the personal statement and other application materials
- do full cleaning
- sort out the papers
- polish my shoes
- do my taxes
- check any warm weather shoes, if any need to be taken to the shoe repair shop in anticipation of the warm season

For when it gets warm, (it can't be far away, I can smell the spring in the air):
- organize the closet (aka take the winter stuff to dry cleaners
- take the winter boots and shoes to get fixed for the next season
- wash all windows

Updated travel list:
- March 7-8 - Washington, DC (taking a train for the first time)
- mid-March - Orlando - most likely not happening due to budget cuts at work
- mid-April - Chicago - not happening due to budget cuts at work
- May 6-9 - San Diego - in doubt
- May 22-25 - Omaha
- late July-early August - Russia (Yekaterinburg, Kostroma, Moscow, St. Petersburg) - two weeks between July 24 and August 22
- early December - Las Vegas - not happening as there no longer is a legitimate business need for me to be there
- mid-February 2010 - Vancouver, Canada - yep, confirmed tickets to biathlon for February 18, 2009
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