February 25th, 2009


Weirder and weirder

First, this morning my default userpic changes to some blond girl with an electric guitar for about an hour or so. Then, I get an e-mail to my corporate address offering me 25 hours abonement on brand-new private jets for just $99,000. Freaks. And it seems that everywhere I go stinks. Can't get rid of the rotting fish smell at home (and it's been a long time since I took out the trash that had fish bones in it, and they weren't rotten!), and here my office smells of I don't know what.

Considering how freaky my dreams were tonight (though I can't remember them anymore, I just remember waking up thinking "that was bizarre"), the day is getting progressively weirder. What other surprises will it bring me?

Brain sex test

Very amusing test, that does show me as a typical female. :)


I fall exactly at 50 on the female side, the same place as the average for the women who have taken the test. Section-wise:
1a. Angles - I sucked, getting only 11 out of 20. Girly-girl.
1b. Spot the difference - got a nice 71%, much higher than the averages. That's true, that's why I am never lost in any city, and hardly ever loose anything. :)
2. Yep, left thumb on top, always has been.
3a. I scored the even 9 on both empathizing and systemizing. Right between average male and average female.
3b. Reading the eyes: perfect score. I am always good at reading people. The question is whether I give a damn about acting on it (and 3a provides a hint that no, usually I don't).
4. My fingers are really, really weird. While my index fingers are the almost the same on both hands, my ring finger is full 5mm longer on my right hand than on my left hand! Funny, but i never noticed it before.
5. Prefer more masculine faces. Heh, no surprises here.
6a. 3D shapes - of course I sucked, getting only 6 out of 12. That's why organic chemsitry was so painful for me.
6b. Words - I got 9 words for each, so 18 total. Way higher than average, and firmly on the feminine/verbalizing side. That with English not being my first language, too.
6c. Ultimatum - I am still on the feminine side, as I only demanded 30 pounds. In fact, at first I wanted to split evenly, but then decided I would rather take a bit more. :D

Off to sleep, though I already had a long nap this evening after I came home from work. I was feeling OK this morning but started feeling worse in the afternoon. Let's see what tomorrow brings... I did make an appointment to see the doctor early next week, though, as it's not normal if my body temperature is 2 degrees below what's normal for a person (according to my thermometer) yet I feel burning hot, and drive in sub-zero temperature with the outside air on full blow, rather than the heater turned on.