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Мысли Всмятку

Ad Majorem Annae Gloriam

Modern humans' jaw design sucks
I should have guessed as much, when I had to work too hard to chew the last few gummy bears yesterday. My TMJ is back... add the tension headache from lack of sleep Sunday night (damn those road-grating snow-plows!) and you have it that the entire lower-bottom part of my head hurts. Last time I had TMJ it only lasted a few weeks, though... not like the first time, when it took about four months for me to be able to chew on that side properly. And since my jaw didn't actually come out of the socket this time, maybe it will be even less. Still, less than enjoyable days ahead... But I got dental appointment coming up next week. Having to open my mouth wide will surely aggravate it. It's been probably a year and a half since my last TMJ episode. I had three, I think, total until today.

Because didian gave me five things to write about myself... here they are. If you want me to give you five things, leave a comment. :)

1. Becoming US-American

2. Foreign languages and accents

3. Defining "the best trip" you ever had

4. Meeting online-people in real life

5. Why pharmacy is the best field of work