March 27th, 2009


The weekend, at last

Todsy's dinner plans: Wienerschnitzel, mashed potatoes, fresh tomatoes, a glass of Gewürztraminer. Yum.

Tomorrow before noon: Need to make it to dry cleaner's and the shoe repair. Spring is officially here, which means I need to take all my winter stuff to be cleaned and pack it up for the winter...

Over the weekend: Clean everything. I promised, therefore I must. Finish writing Personal Statement. Do my taxes.

Ideally, I shall make it to the store to see if they will take the boots back since they failed after I only wore them a couple times... and maybe check out some new sales. We will see... better do any out-of-the-house stuff tomorrow, though, as it's supposed to rain on Sunday. Not only do I intensely dislike being rained on, but I just had my car washed today, and the last thing I want is have it spotted all over again.

In other news, I like the idea of going to Quebec for a couple days in June more the more I think about it. Fly out to Montreal on a Thursday night, spend the Friday in Montreal, take the train to Quebec City on Saturday morning, overnight there, and take Sunday morning train back, and fly back to New Jersey. Yep, I do like how that sounds.

PS Schnitzel turned out divine. I was ready to complain that the meat had too many fasciae and fat on it, but I cut off the worst offending parts, and it tasted really, really good. Of course, I also switched my frying oil back to mild olive, which helps. I am happy. :)