April 5th, 2009


There is justice in this world

If my shift two weeks ago was a shift from hell, the one yesterday was a compensation for all the nerves frayed then. Not only there were a lot fewer people than usual (did they wind keep they away? though I personally like windy weather... it reminds me of home), but there were no weirdos and no serious problems (though I did have to call insurance a couple times). And I had two great techs. Really, quality of help matters A LOT. I will sure miss Eunice when she graduates in a couple months... an experienced intern can do almost anything... That reminded me how my first boss used to say he gets attached to his interns and is always sad to see us go. I need to try and stop by when I am in Omaha, to say hi. He was a great guy who taught me a lot about pharmacy, but also how to manage (mostly, how not to manage) the workflow (he was the nicest man ever, but really spineless, unfortunately). I have been amazingly lucky with bosses thus far... No jerks. No morons. Hopefully, that will continue...

I am beign really lazy this weekend otherwise. I know I should be doing ironing and such, but I don't feel up to it. I could use a vacation... pity none is coming until August. That's the trouble with taking long trips abroad while having only short American vacations. It's all used up before you know it.