April 8th, 2009


Death in the family is hard no matter what

My parents just called... a distant relative, husband of my dad's cousin just passed away today... Got up this morning, and everything was fine, then he just "didn't feel right" and by the time the ambulance came, he was already gone. Since he was Jewish, he was buried right away (while in Russian Orthodox tradition the funeral is usually on the third day). I am in a slight shock... sure, we argued and disagreed a lot - but to know that when I come to visit in May there won't be Misha there to argue and disagree with... May he rest in peace. At least, it was a nice, clean death that so far everyone in my family has been blessed with - no pain, no suffering. He was at least 80, I think close to 85... My biggest concern now is for his wife, she is my most favorite relative out of all living in America. She is not young herself, approaching 80, and they have been married for so long, I hope she can get through this. My prayers go to them today. The remembrance dinner is about to start, so I will go open some wine and join them remotely. Rest in peace, Misha. And God give strength and support to Aunt Lina.