April 12th, 2009



Just remembering the different wine varieties I tried (and remember by name)

Aligote - a white wine from Moldova, that was the first wine I ever tried
Kindzmarauli - a red wine from Georgia, it was a staple at many shashlyk dinners at our dacha
Alazani - another red wine from Georgia, sometimes served together with Kindzmarauli
Liebfrauenmilch - a white wine from Germany that my dad likes a lot
Riesling - well, that's a staple at many American restaurants, and I do like them
Gewurztraminer - "spicy" German/Alsatian wine that is supposedly one of the few to go well with spicy/Asian food. I simply like it.
Grüner Veltliner - Austrian wine, that I like very much.
Pino Grigio - another staple white wine in the good ole US of A
Chianti - the Italian staple that I don't appreciate as much as I maybe should
Valpolicella - a very strong red Italian wine that sent my head spinning one afternoon in Venice
Pinot Noir - a staple red wine in US, I like it more than Cabernet or Merlot
Cabernet Sauvignon - the wine that every American has with his/her steak. Some are much better than others.
Merlot - see Cabernet.
Zinfandel - that's the only wine I ever had that I hated outright.
Shiraz - OK red wines, mainly from Australia (at least, the ones sold here)
Champagne - there are some that are better than others, let's put it that way. But it still is THE celebratory drink.
Prosecco - I tend to like Italian, sweeter Proseccos over dry French Brut champagnes.
Lambrusco - a wine I fell in love with as a student, like a bit less now, but still do. Drinks down like water...
Moscato d'Asti - yum. I love muscat wines as a class.
Rioja - OK red wines from Spain
Carmener - Chilean red wine, left me less than impressed after I heard some people raving about it
Chardonnay - another American white wine staple
Manishewitz - kosher cherry wine, way too sweet to drink
Tokaji Aszu - a bit too sweet, but good as a dessert wine

I have had other kinds too, but I can't remember their names...

Funny how wine affects you more if you have it on empty stomach. I haven't eaten for some 10 hours, and now from half a glass my head started getting a bit heavy. And normally I need three glasses before I feel anything.