May 13th, 2009


(no subject)

Today I had the Spanish lentil soup for the first time ever, and it was absolutely delicious. This is my fourth time, I think, at that restaurant (the main reason being its proximity to my work), and it is the first time that I really liked food there. The problem with their entrees is that they are either smothered with tomato sauce (and to me smothering something in sauce is insulting, either because that means you are trying to slip me subpar food underneath its sauce burial mound, or you are denying me the good food by making it so I can only taste the sauce and not the food) or, like today (fried fish, sole - I was told it's a kind of flatfish), too oily. But the soup... oh, that was an experience. I can still taste it, some eight hours any a few other foods later. I need to find a good recipe and try to make it, it was so good.

Unforunately, all the recipes called "Spanish lentil soup" are for a thick, hearty soup, usually with brown lentils and tomato sauce, and the one I had was green, reasonably clear, and the only ingredients I could identify were lentils, cured ham (presumably, hamon), and potatoes. I can't remember if there was also the red bell pepper.

It's also amazing how much better I feel after doing a honest day's work rather than wasting time... but it is not enough to make me stop wasting time, unfortunately.