May 15th, 2009


Olympics are hard work not just for the athletes

I feel like a goddamn spammer. I must have sent over a hundred inquiries to different Vancouver area B&Bs over the last several hours. What a mind-numbing task... but I am already getting some positive responses, so that's encouraging. Hopefully I will have a place to stay booked tomorrow.

Who knew it would be that hard... and depending on where we end up staying, we may need a rental car, which could prove a challenge of its own too. And it probably will be an insane overcrowded mess out there anyway. But it still should be worth it.

Just saw an ad, amazing in its sheer idiocy. It was promoting Ethiopian cooking methods and had large font saying "Why are Ethiopian women always slim?" Hello, because the people there have been starving for years now! Sheesh...

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Сидела я на послеобеденном совещании, и вдруг почувствовала что голова поплыла. Обычно это значит что-то сверхъестественное, и в общем сегодня мой ангел-хранитель отработал за троих. Не зря я сегодня узелок на цепочке с крестиком долго распутывала.

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Не зря меня еще с утра колбасит, и на улице красотища - солнце, птички поют, тепло... полдня хожу как дурочка, улыбаясь от уха до уха.



It's not for nothing that i got that weird feeling in my head as I was sitting in an afternoon meeting. And my guardian angel worked triple today. And the weather is gorgeous, to boot, sunny and warm.

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So, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I have to get up very early tomorrow for a doctor's appointment, and then I work at the pharmacy late into the night. But Sunday I shall sleep in, and then there is art and craft fair in my town, and the Greek festival in the next town over, so let's hope the weather cooperates. I would love to go to both events.