June 29th, 2009


Birthday in DC

As you may or may not know, I tend to get a bit depressed when my birthday comes around. I can't help getting all the thoughts about another uselessly wasted year, and the fact that Alexander the Great conquered half the known world by the time he was my age, while I haven't really achieved anything. So, add to that the less than cheerful events of the last couple weeks, and I was rather miserable on Friday, my day off, and just sat there staring at the computer screen pretty much all day.

However, tigressita saved me from spending my birthday in the same fashion by inviting me over. So on Saturday (marked by some of the nastiest peoople stopping by to spoil my birthday) I ran out of the pharmacy (I couldn't get time off due to Drug Fair buyout) and raced straight for the airport. Of course, I shouldn't have hurried, as my flight to DC was delayed by an hour and a half (my flight back, earlier today, was also delayed, and also by an hour and a half - this is getting rather tiring, I am telling you!)...

On Saturday night, DC has reaffirmed its reputation of serving the worst steak in Mid-Atlantic region, as even the nicest steakhouse around served steak that was remarkably lackluster... but it was still a nice dinner. And I think I may have gotten Lana hooked on Gewurztraminer wine, in addition to Lambrusco I hooked her on previously. Today, I explored the National Geographic exhibits - Lions and Leopards (love the leopards! and the movies and photographs were gorgeous) and the National Geographic photos of European destinations from 50s and 60s desgined to entice American tourists into visiting them. There was a shot there from Innsbruck, view of Annasaule and the mountains behind - I have taken the exact same one! :D And a few other places I have been to were there, as well as a ton of places I haven't visited yet. It reminded me that growing up I wanted to visit Greece more than any other country (I loved my Greek myths and legends book. No, I LOVED it), though it fell behind some others as I became older. And then we had a nice lunch, polished off with tiramisu, all the while watching Brazil beat the USA. I supported Brazil, BTW. For some reason, I can never support US in any sport, other than basketball. Literally.

So, I did have a lovely birthday after all. Many thanks to the lovely tigressita for her hospitality.

The one downside was the flight delays. Literally, flying back took me 5 hours door to door. Driving door to door only takes me 4. If only time on Saturday and me being less tired were not of the essence, I wouldn't have flown. From now on, train and car will be it.