October 14th, 2009



Coming home today, I was stuck in a traffic jam. Of course, being me, I gave up on it after about five minutes, and took a way around. I lost about 5 minutes. Still, with me staying late to talk to the professor, and the traffic, and having to get gas for my car, I was home about half an hour past time time I usually call my parents. I call them, and guess what my mom says, laughing hysterically? "I thought you got married and left the country!" After chocking laughing for a while, I asked why such a strange assumption, not that I wouldn't do something like that. Apparently, when I erased the "extended absence greeting" on my cell phone, instead of going back to the generic "you have called 402-XXX-XXXX" message, it resurrected my message from 2007, saying "I will be out of the country without cell phone access until August 16". Technology is weird, but least we both got good laugh from it. :)