October 19th, 2009


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Vacation plans for 2010:

I will take the Olympics week off, that uses up 4 days. That leave me with 8 business days to use. Among possible options:

Camping trip through the Rockies and Yellowstone - because it would be something totally different
South Korea - max_titov had made it sound super-nice
Japan - because my mom and I had wanted to visit it for a very long time
Italy - because Italy is always wonderful and I haven't seen most of it
Spain - because I have never been there and it also should be wonderful
Germany - because there are still plenty of cities I haven't visited, and I always loved Germany
Austria - because there are still places I haven't visited, and I always loved Austria
Iceland - because I have never been there, and it is reasonably close, and now cheaper than before
Random Caribbean or South American country - because I have never been in that part of the world, and it would be interesting to see something tropical

If my Dad feels OK, it probably will be the camping trip - it's time for our family vacation...  it just so happens that we only had two - when I was six going on seven, and when I was sixteen going on seventeen.  So the pattern suggests that next summer, when I will be twenty-six going on twenty-seven, it will be another family vacation.  Alternatively, I may take them to Europe because my Dad has only been to Germany, Poland and Czech Republic, and my Mom have never been anywhere in Europe outside former Soviet Union.
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