November 7th, 2009


Notes from the Trenches, Part 1

Well, are there jobs out there? You betcha there are. Except so many of them are for a Director-level... and I am just not there yet. I don't have enough experience, and duties such as function development are simply above and beyond my ability at this point in my career. I need guidance myself... and some good positions require MBA. Or have much greater scope than what I have been exposed to so far... though some are at my level too. Right now I am the uncomfortable stage in my career where my qualifications won't let me take a job below Manager level (i.e. Analyst - besides, analyst position would generally mean some 30% drop in salary), but my lack of experience won't let me take a job above Sr. Manager level (i.e. Director).

Well, it looks like my ability to get hours at Walgreen's is worse than I had hoped for. The district manager thinks I should be able to get the hours, especially because there are quite a few maternity leaves in the planning - but they can't be guaranteed. So for all practical purposes I shouldn't use more money than I can definitely count on in my planning for 2010.

With severance, bonus, and cash I have on hand, and what hours I am guaranteed at Walgreen's, I can last through the end of 2010, if I am really careful with money. Through the Summer I don't really have to worry about finances... but regardless, my plan is to have a job from July 1, 2010 at the latest.

Eh, why couldn't this have waited another year?