November 18th, 2009


Notes from the trenches, Part Four

It is kind of strange, but I actually feel good. Even great. Liberated, even. The world out there is great, wonderful, and has a lot to offer, and I am excited. I would even say, I am applying myself more in my current job now that I am leaving than I did a month ago.

Among other positive news, I learned I have one direct competitor less for the jobs I applied for internally. And through Linked In (which is a great resouce, BTW) I found a couple great leads.

So, life is actually quite good at the moment. Yes, I am facing a fork in the road - but whichever of the three paths I take, I have a feeling it will turn out great.

Among other [crazy] things I have been thinking about - there are a lot of Japanese companies expanding on the US market right now. I wouldn't actually mind going to Japan for a year or a year and a half... It would be by far the most exotic place I would actually consider but I think I could do it. There are some things in Japanese cuisine I am willing to eat (and after all, Vladivostok is not that far away if I develop a yearning for Russian food). And I have always found Japanese culture fascinating.

PS No sooner than I typed this, I got a slap upside the head. But a priceless, therapeutic slap. It was an e-mail from someone who showed my resume to a very important person. Think Global VP of a very big transnational. And he had made some comments that are absolutely priceless because they are things I wouldn't have thought of, and are great to have heading into the meeting with career counselor on Friday. And that's off a reworked, improved resume... I wonder what he would have thought of the previous version, or God forbid, the one from two years ago. That one was absolutely juvenile, now that I think about it (though I was a recent graduate and a different stage in life). Thank goodness for caring, well-connected acquaintances. It is important to know how people who make executive hiring decisions think if one wants to get up there some day...

Now more than ever I want to just for a hour to glimpse into the future and into the head of the 40-year-old me... to see where I would be and how I would get there.

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Сижу и самозабвенно угрызаюсь совестью. Иногда у меня бывает. Сегодня повод - какое же я унылое дерьмо по сравнению с окружающими меня хорошими людьми. Столько людей столько для меня делали и делают, гораздо больше чем я бы могла попросить или ожидать. Всю жизнь так. А сама я много ли делаю, для людей-то? Вот и угрызаюсь. Но удивительно все же, насколько в мире много хороших людей... причем почти везде, где я побывала, они мне попадались.

Today is the day my conscience decide to crawl out of some forgotten closet deep inside my heart and chew me out. I feel so inadequate compared to the really nice people who have helped me, or done much more for me than I had any right to expect, in the course of my life. Virtually everywhere I went... when I just don't do enough good things for random strangers...

Notes from the trenches, Part 5

Scored my first interview invite. :) For the Dream Job #1. Let's hope that I do really, really well in the interviews - there are three. One is with a person I never met, but who will be a key decisionmaker for hiring. Another is someone I know pretty well and who likes me (and who is a good friend of my mentor). The third is a bit of a problem... but I will hope he has good impression of me from when we worked on a product that died before launch.

Let's see how things progress from here... But I feel like wherever the wings of fate carry me, it will be better than where I am today. Simply because ALL the options are better. And I have been quite happy already, so life is looking up. :)