February 5th, 2010



Once again I realize that I do, in fact, retain information I learn, even if it is not immediately apparent. I have studied immunology some five years ago, and I thought I had forgotten it entirely. Now as I am preparing for my immunizer certification, and reading all about the immune cascades and natural killer cells, I can actually remember most of it. Yay. still have more than a hundred pages to read, though. Not yay.

I never liked immunology, I must admit. Even though my research was pure immunology, I can fess up now, many years later, that I barely understood the concepts. So if there is still no good cure for sepsis, it is not my fault. My school taught immunology very, very poorly.


Well, the immunization training for tomorrow is cancelled due to expected blizzard. Now, however, I am going to go an hour to the South to work until 9pm. It is expected to snow starting at 6 or 7pm, but I hope it holds off long enough for me to get out. Then I will be trying to outrun the storm going North. At least, it can't snow that much in two hours, and with our winds, since I am driving along the coast most of the time, a lot of it should be blown off the road. So, wish me luck with the weather. I sure hope by the time it gets ugly I will be safe and sound at home, and my car - in its warm garage.

On my way to work, I am going to buy the only things I identified as missing in my home: eggs, olive oil, vanilla extract. Given the weather, they should all be perfectly fine after seven-eight hours in my trunk. :)

EDIT God must be real, and he still likes me enough to listen to me. The snow didn't start until almost an hour after I got home. Now I am enjoying my tea and apple jam. Let it snow! :)
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