February 10th, 2010


Once again I am there to save the day

Or at least, to promise to attempt to save the day. I volunteered to work at a pharmacy some 12 miles away... the weather doesn't look too horrible so far, and the road has been somewhat plowed. So hopefully I shall make it there and back safely. The worst of the blizzard conditions should occur right as I am in there, and should be over by the time I get out. So, wish me luck. :)

Can't say I am eager to be out and about in nasty weather, but I promised to be available in the afternoon if the school is cancelled if they don't force me to go all the way down south in the morning. So, get a favor - return a favor, otherwise the store of favors is going to run empty very quickly. That's life...

NJ Driving

Well, we did close early tonight - closed at 8pm rather than 10pm because no one was coming anyways. The drive back was slow - I didn't dare to go faster than 25mph, but it was not too bad. I only agreed to work there because I knew they would all be major roads and they were in decent shape. Yes, it felt like driving on washboard because of the frozen ice, and I did have to really hold on to the steering wheel in a few places as my car started to swerve a bit, but I made it. Even all the extremely steep and long and horrid ramps were doable. Also, the parking lot at the pharmacy got plowed so I got out of there OK (that was my other concern). However, just as I thought, there was no way to get to my street, my parking lot, or my garage. So I turned around and left my car at the grocery store parking lot some half a mile away and hiked home. On the sidewalks that weren't cleaned yet. But that wasn't too bad... I fully anticipated having to hike even further on 27 than I did. So it only took me an hour to get home (which is normally 20minute drive), but it could have been worse. At least I am safe and sound, and my car should hopefully be safe and sound. I left it right in the middle of the lot, next to the cart stall. Several trees or tree branches along the way fell down, so the middle should be the safest place in that regard. I will go get my car as soon as my street and parking lot are clear, or as soon as I get up, whichever comes later. At least we didn't declare the state of emergency like Pennsylvania did. Pharmacy trucks ain't coming tomorrow because of that...

On a side note, one of the reasons driving in NJ is so crazy:
The same road is called 287 Southbound and 440 Northbound while you are driving on it without turning around, and in reality it is going neither Nnorth nor South but East. :)