March 28th, 2010


Какая прелесть

Оказывается, абсолютно все встречи между Ромой и Интером которые судил Морганти заканчивались со счетом 2-1 в пользу хозяев поля. Ну надо же...

В Кубке Италии побеждали один раз Интер, один раз Рома, а теперь в Сериале опять Рома. Счет, ясен пень, тот же самый. Вот почему он позволил Милито забить левейший гол - чтобы не портить статистику.


They just showed Sharpe's Challenge on PBS (and I know it is country-wide, because it was here in New Jersey and also in Nebraska). And next Sunday we have Sharpe's Peril. I have seen all the old Sharpe series at least three times starting with back in the mid-90s, but these new ones I haven't seen yet. This is the bestest present a Sharpe fan (or a Sean Bean fan) could have received for Easter.

Of course, he looks worse for the wear, given some 15 years have passed between those old series and the new ones, but God, he is still incredibly handsome. The most handsome almost-50 year old I have ever seen. Sean Bean as Sharpe was my first-ever celebrity crush, and I think he still is right up there. :)