March 30th, 2010


Половой вопрос

У моих родителей обострилась проблема пола - в смысле, линолеум на кухне менять точно надо, 9 лет прошло и местами он сильно потрепанно выглядит, но они еще хотят сразу поменять ковровое покрытие на втором этаже на деревянные полы.

Так вот, к вопросу о полах на кухне:
Кафель и мрамор, несмотря на то что маме хочется мрамор, я им не советую потому что скользят они сильно, а у мамы нога оперированная бывает что и на ровном месте подворачивается, так что это нам совсем не нужно.
Виниловая плитка тут встречается, но почти вся с тиснением, которое есть пылесборник, а ровная родителям по виду не нравится.
Линолеум - можно, но нужно выбирать подолговечней, и опять же без тиснения.
Я еще предложила рассмотреть древплиту и ламинат. Древплита была у нас в кухне в России, в квартире где я выросла, и вроде всех устраивала. Про ламинат знаю только то что он есть, внешне похож на дерево, но стоит гораздо дешевле, так что в случае чего его не жалко.
Паркет на кухню просто смысла не имеет.

Какие ваши мысли и личный опыт с разными полами?


After 9 years in the house, my parents are now at the stage where they need to change flooring in the kitchen, since linoleum looks rather worn with age. They are also thinking of changing all the carpet to hardwood on the second floor, but that's not urgent.

So, speaking of kitchen floors:
My mom wants marble but my Dad and I are very much against it since that's the last think my mom's bad knee needs - slippery marble floors. Same goes for tile.
Vinyl tile is a possibility, since it's non-slippery, but what my parents have seen around, they don't like.
Hardwood in the kitchen is trowing money to the wind.

So, the options are pretty much linoleum and laminate... what do you think in terms of your personal experience?

Job search

Applications sent: 0
Networking events attended: 1
Recruiters contacting me: 2
Interviews for full-time position coming up: 1
Independent consultant contracts offered: 3 with possibly one or two more coming up

Not too shoddy. Interestingly enough, people do seem to be interested in what I have to offer. Which is the combination of doctor of pharmacy degree, pharmaceutical industry experience, business intelligence experience, and knowledge of four languages. But the thing that made all the companies offer me consultant contracts (one, BTW, would have offered me a job outright but I said I am not ready for such a commitment yet) is my ability to talk to people. Which, I always said, is the only real skill I have. I can talk to anyone I just met as if they were my best friend of ten years (the only exception: someone who just rubs me the wrong way from the start - but I do not approach such people anyway). And I often can charm people into telling me almost anything, sometimes before they even realize what they are doing. Though I myself often do or say things before I realize what I am doing... in fact, most of the time, because if I stop and think whether to do something, I universally decide it's not worth the trouble. :D Which is why, if you need me to do something, you have to make me promise I will do it before I have had a chance to take a breath and think about it. One thing I do not do is rething my decisions or go back on them, so if I promised something, I will not think about it anymore.

So, my next steps now are to actually get off my ass and send in some applications for the positions that are posted out there AND to consult with a competent lawyer experienced with independent consultant agreements review, to make sure that what I am offered has no underground rocks... I am unsure about a couple moments, and I would rather spend the money than later get kicked. And I would rather be upfront with all the companies that I am working with many companies, not with them alone, not that they would expect an exclusive commitment from me, this is not the line of business we are in.