April 27th, 2010


The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good:
- got the on-site interview scheduled for a full-time job
- got contract worked out and signed for one consultant position
- got a recruiter offer me to interview for another full-time job
- my apartment is now sparkling clean

The bad:
- exams are coming up and I am woefully ill-prepared
- I have finally developed allergy to something local and have been sneezing/going through boxes of tissues/using eye drops for the last couple weeks
- the HR person from my former job won't return my call OR my e-mail. If she still hasn't responded tomorrow, I will contact her supervisor and a) complain b) ask for someone who is actually capable of performing their basic job function.

The ugly:
- my credit card got compromised - some loser (may he/she drown in his/her own shit) made a fake card. The upside is that they started using it on the same day I was actively using my card, and since no one can be in New Jersey and Georgia in the same time, it was flagged almost instantly. The only fraudulent charge so far is a McDonalds for five bucks... and that, I assume, should be taken out once I fill out the form my bank sends me. The rep said there was an attempt to use the card at a Wal-Mart in Georgia too, which the bank blocked. So now I am temporarily without my major credit card since this account was closed and I will have another card with a different number issued.