May 4th, 2010


Volcanic ash

I am very unhappy with the websites saying that random airport/airspace closures are possible throughout the summer. It may just mean that I will be left without a trip to Europe for the second year in a row. Oh well, I guess it is time to explore the US for a change. And maybe to go down to the Caribbean or Latin America to expand my horizons. Still, not cool.


Just heard back from one position (not the I one I am really hoping for), and the response is something I never would have expected to hear for a business intelligence position, as I see my qualifications on the thin side (but then again, possibly I am comparing myself to the incredibly cool people). I tend to think this is a polite way of saying "we cannot afford your services" since I did make quite a bit of change at my previous job, and my qualifications allow me to have jobs where I could make much more still.

Shop locally

I decided to do all of my interview-prep routine in the town I live in, since my regular esthetician is on vacation anyway. Total for eyebrow threading (never tried threading before, but I think I like the idea), manicure, pedicure, and haircut with a blow-dry came up to $105. Had not had to wait anywhere, and was done in two hours. Total time spent getting there and back - ten minutes. I think I like it. :) Besides, I strongly believe in supporting local businesses, and my town has plenty of choices - we have three nail salons, two hair salons, and a day spa on the main street. And numerous other establishments, of course, but today I was only interested in the beauty parlors. The only downside is that I went with a more subdued and serious haircut than I normally do (not that I ever do anything outrageous, mind you). I want to look professional tomorrow, like someone you CAN let speak in front of the board, rather than someone who just graduated from college. I do look like I am barely 20 sometimes. Which most of the time is a very good thing, but not when you try to sell that you do, in fact, know what you are talking about. Though suits and make-up tend to make me look my age (and sometimes a bit older)...

Now I have to really think hard about the questions to ask them, and about the company, and about what they would like to know. Unfortunately, reading between the lines is a big part of the job, and will be a big part of the interview - and that is not a skill I have completely mastered in the corporate America context.